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The upcoming projects in IRAQ to make a mark in Malaysian History !

Best Wide Corrosion Tech Sdn Bhd has been selected by Global Toyo and Petronas Technical Services to provide design engineering to protect underground pipelines in Iraq. The specialist package will involve state of the art controls to manage and mitigate corrosion in a harsh environment with strong 140 kmh desert winds and heat conditions of 55 degrees centigrade, in the shade ! .  Cathodic Protection equipment durability, reliability underground and aboveground will be put to a real test. When completed, the GARRAF Oil and Gas Complex is expected to produce 600,000 barrels of crude oil per day, for the investors including MALAYSIA.

With past track record of our Corrosion and Speciallist expert team having worked and installed home grown designs to many desert type installations, the proposed specifications will be designed fit-for-purpose and with a right first time aptitude. Best Wide Corrosion CP and Corrosion Specialists are NACE International Certified and recognized by MiCorr UK.  They bring along their design experience after tried and proven projects undertaken in the deserts of Central Australia, Simpsons Desert north of Adelaide, the hottest deserts of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Sudan.

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