DCVG Survery Equipments

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Source: psdtuts.com

The PCS-2000 for pipeline coating surveys fast - accurate - versatile - easy to use.
Uses: Accurately locates coating detects, Estimates defect sizes, Estimates levels of CP protection at defects, Identifies priorities for excavation, Provides data for CP adjustment/Upgrading, Enables coating deterioration to be monitored. Also confirm electrical continuity and locates shorts.



  • High accuracy coating defect surveying
  • Rapid technique requiring 1 man
  • Incorporates the proven realiability of the DC voltage gradient technique
  • Advanced, patented electronics.
  • User-friendly operation


The PCS-2000 and development models have been tried and proven under harsh and varying conditions.

Across dessert, streams, and rocky terrain. Along asphalt and concrete paved roads. Near electrified DC rails systems and overhead power line. During extreme weather conditions.

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