Corrosion Engineering

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We at Corrosion provides information and services offered by Best Wide Corrosion Tech on Cathodic Corrosion Protection, Corrosive evaluation, Cathodic protection on steel corrosion and carbon steel corrosion. Our range of corrosion inhibitors offers corrosion protection as well as anti-corrosion for metal corrosion protection. Our products are applied for corrosion resistance.

Our global presence network stemming from Malaysia to Singapore, Brunei, Sudan, Thailand, Myanmar, Australia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, China, New Zealand, Asia, South East Asia, Middle East, South Pacific, etc. Our clients are Toshiba, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, Petronas group, Technip, Esso, Mobil, Shell, Total, and many other more. We are the global company for corrosion engineering.


Corrosion Engineering Experts


We offer a broad range of services including corrosion investigations; corrosion testing; materials selection and analysis according to NACE and other standards; cathodic protection trouble shooting, design and installation; petrographic (concrete) analysis; and engineering calculations; and recommendation of suitable paint and protective coatings. We also offer training seminars in coatings, corrosion, cathodic protection and many more corrosion engineering related subjects. For more information or a price quote, please send inquiries to us.


Our clients represent many different industries including the power generation, oil and gas, construction, shipyard and transportation industries.


We value the relationships that we have established with these large corporations and we are delighted that we can meet their technical needs. We also place great value on the work we do to help our smaller clients grow and establish footholds in their respective markets. BWCT is committed to helping you regardless of your company's size


Our diverse staff includes professionals who have been recognized the National Association for Corrosion Engineers (NACE) for outstanding contributions to the field of corrosion science. Our team also includes:


  • NACE certified engineers
  • Professional engineers
  • Materials and mechanical engineers
  • Coating specialists
  • Polymer scientists
  • Microcharacterization specialists
  • Cathodic protection specialists


These professionals have broad experience in identification of the mode and root cause of corrosion. They can also spot potential problem areas, improve existing products and develop new products and materials designed to meet specific requirements.

If you have an emergency rush project, please call Business Development Director at 60 16 2740117 or email to us.



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