Bullet LPG Tank

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This a captionJob Site:  Mt Otways, Australia.   Nested closeby to the world's famous surf beach in Bell's Beach, Torquay of Victoria along "The Great Ocean Road" on Australian south coast. The Oil & Gas fields were discovered in 1970's as reserve energy on demand. By the turn of year 2000 the federal government activated the need to bring the energy onshore via the rocky coastline of Port Campbell, where the twelve apostles are located alongside whaling stations of the past. Some twelve kilometres inland via long winding country roads along acres of green paddocks, a gas plant with a huge infrastrucutre of steel pipelines, AST - above ground storage tanks, mounded LPG bullet vessels, defraction stacks are all in place to process the useful energy for industrial and domestic consumption.

The corrosion engineers achievements includes providing working specifications for durability, reliability, corporate objectivity of the useful service life without the onset of corrosion, above ground and under ground. Modern technology has been incorporated into the design of the Mt Otways Gas plant. Hi technology coatings have been applied onto the internal and external steel surfaces to combat atmospheric corrosion that is excerbated by saline winds from the surf beaches.

The long pipelines underground, bare steel tank bottoms needed cathodic protection specified using the best practices. Environmentally friendly colours have been selected to cover the above ground structures thus blending into the natural habitat of endemic animals, birds and grazing beasts. The photo illustrates one of the many high pressure LPG bullet vessels which stores the produced energy, prior to being mounded underground for top safety priority to both flora and fauna in the peaceful countryside. The use of latest technology in cathodic protection systems incorporating titanium anodes, these underground storage and transmission facilities will operate without risk of hydrocarbon release over its useful operating service life. It is indeed an environmentally friendly system deployed to stop wastage of steel by mitigating corrosion. The Mt Otways Gas Plant has been fully operational since 2006.

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